MOEX / OPC Sofitel Agadir swimming pool rehabilitation

Mastery of execution and OPC of the restoration work of the swimming pool of the hotel Sofitel Agadir

Worksite realized in 80 Days.
Work completed:
Site preparation.
Demolition and access preparation.
Demolition pool background.
Re-construction of hydraulic networks
Electric rewiring.
Replacement of the inserts.
Reconstruction of the slab.
Replacement of the borders and Bejmat.
Laying seals and tiles.
Repairs of the local technical collector.
Installation of projectors and inserts.

Participating companies.

Demolitions: Perfocort (Casablanca)

Gros oeuvres: Estac (Agadir)

Waterproofing: Estac (Agadir)

Technical lots: Aquaviva (Casablanca)

BET. ARJITEC (Marrakech)

Laboratory. L3E (Marrakech)


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